D-star Alert

D-Star Notification-System


Since I’m often QRV via my handheld transceiver, I sometimes have the problem of empty batteries. 😉 So I was looking for a solution to “listen” the reflectors without draining my handhelds batteries.

At home, I was frequently using all the dashboards of the reflectors on the net to see, if someone is calling, but this is not very comfortable.
This gave me the idea to bring the information of the dashboards to my mobile. But how to achieve….?!?

After some research, I found the messenger Telegram. Telegram is very similar to WhatsApp, but with the possibility to interact via API. So I coded a little application on my raspberry, which is polling the reflector-dashboards and pushs the gathered info to telegram.


Altough, the system is still beta, you are invited to test and use it.

How to do?
1. Install the Telgram-App on your smartphone
2. Go through the registration process of Telegram
3. When ready with installing and registering, click on the links below (on the phone!!)

Channel for XLX022A:

Channel for XLX022C:

Channel for XLX022D:

I hope, you like the D-Star Notification-System. Feel free to contact me if you encounter any problems or for any new ideas on the project.