HackRF One

In general, the HackRF is a very universal SDR to learn about all the different possibilities in RF. I chose this SDR, because it is also able to transmit with little power. Perfect for discovering the fascinating world of RF-communications.

So, here we are, my HackRF One & me… but what shall we do now? 😉
First of all, I wanted to address the known little issues of the HackRF:

Improvement of SNR (Signal/Noise-ratio)

The HackRF doesn’t have the best SNR in town, but I think, there is potential to improve this.

For a few bucks, there is a case available to shield the RF-unit of the HackRF:

The shield fits perfectly and with a few basic soldering skills, it should be no problem to apply it.

And finally, after pushing the case-top onto the frame…

I also want to replace the original plastic-case with an aluminium one, but the new case hasn’t arrived until yet.

Frequency drifting

Now, after Ali has delivered, I recently installed the TCXO to the HackRF. The metal case has also arrived, so I was able to start the work:

The metal-case fits perfectly and because of the increased height, there is also enough space for the TCXO.

As you can see, the HackRF looks good in the case…

But now I’m wondering, if there is improvement in reception… 😉

….more to come….